Uscite di pesca a mosca con Luca Cattin in fiumi e laghi per lucci e black bass in belly boat o in barca. Ne fiumi e torrenti del Veneto per trote e temoli.

Fly Fishing in the best Northern Italy lakes and rivers for pike and bass with rigged boat and belly boats. Wading fishing in the best trout and grayling rivers. Just one hour drive from beautiful Venice. If you plan to come to Italy call or email me and we'll fish together.

venerdì 5 agosto 2005


Luca Cattin - Padova - Italy

e-mail or phone 0039 348 4740674.
For all informations on our trips around the world and fishing here in Italy feels free to contact me.
For more informations in english language take a look at our international website: Pikefirst International

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